In Shop or Remote Diagnostic


This service is added on every job that we perform and covers researching and confirming the issue to also testing to ensure the fix actually resolved the original problem. It is applied to all in-shop and remote jobs.

On Site Home or Business Diagnostic


This service is applied when our onsite technician goes to either your home or business. Much like the diagnostic in shop this is strictly for out of office.

$50 Basic Computer Troubleshooting

Our rate for one of our technicians to troubleshoot a single, consistent, repeatable issue. Anywhere from no sound to your computer keeps restarting, we’ve got you covered.

$50 – $90 System Cleanup and Security Check (Malware/Virus)

This charge covers cleanup of extremely slow systems and cleanup after a malicious 3rd party gained remote access to your PC however if we do no find malware the cost to get your computer back to tip-top shape is $90.

$50 Critical System Updates

Windows updates can be a pest. But their also really important to keeping your business or home needs efficient. We make sure to backup your data and safely update all proper components of your computer so it runs smoothy.

$50 Internet / Email Issues

Internet and email issues can often times be really frustrating we make sure that if you bring up an internet issue that no only do we fix the problem but create a solution that’s going to work for you.

$120 New Computer Setup

Whether you’re bringing us your new computer to set up for the first time or reset, we make sure to get the junk files off there that not only do not need to be there, but are slowing your computer down. We have a proven system to optimize computers for their peak performance based on the hardware capabilities and set up your email and add your favorite browsers to personalize it to your liking.

$160 Printer Repair Diagnostic

The cost of repairing most printers is quite high and thats because it takes our technicians time to disassemble printers depending on the model and diagnose as there can be many areas of challenges and often times parts are hard to come by. We’re happy to have a conversation to see whether it’s more cost affective to repair your printer or replace it.